Major new release!

Added craftable items

ALB_CraftingThe new addon-addon ‘ALB_Crafting’ adds every (rare and epic) tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing item to your ALB database. Devided into ‘teacher’ and ‘recipe’ items.

‘Inspect Mode’ in the upgrade module

(and ‘upgrade’ now looks a lot better)
Target someone else while ‘upgrade’ is open or simply click the new ALB button in Blizzard’s inspect UI. You will now be able to check and upgrade anyones gear.

ALB inspect buttonALB inspect mode

There are a lot of disclaimers. Some of them are obvious, some hidden, maybe too many. Although I introduced an ‘ALB rating’ I have no intention of creating the new “GearScore”.
If your ALBrating is considerably higher then someone elses, you can be sure you are better equipped. But that isn’t my point, just a gimmick.

I added the feature because it was quick and easy to implement. And because I’m often asked for items, upgrades and everything ‘wow’ that includes numbers. Actually I have no idea about these things, but I’d like to keep the myth alive. :)

sorted wishlists

ALB 4.3.27 sorted lists
The list of all your wishlists no longer appears randomly. It is now sorted by ‘char name’ and then ‘list name’.
As rightly requestes by Ekhurr.

chinese translation

ALB 4.3.27 chinese translation
The addition I’m actually most proud of. Someone considered my little addon worthy of a translation and made it happen.
Courtesy of 老超 @ there is now a zhCN locale.